Economics and Business Student Association
The Economics and Business Student Association (EBSA) is one of the largest undergraduate professional business organization at UC Davis. Our community is built on our members’ active participation and passion for business. We all work hard together to grow our individual skills. As we develop and build strong lasting friendships, we strengthen our EBSA community. Our mission at EBSA is to provide resources in order to build a community of future business leaders and to be the bridge linking your undergraduate and professional career. We are a happy and sustainable community that helps one another strengthen our individual skills and turn our conceptual knowledge into practical skills.
Through resume building, professional workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities, you will increase your professional knowledge, competence, and essential skills to excel in the business world and develop your personal brand.
We acknowledge and value our community. We recognize that by working together we can accomplish more. For this reason, EBSA regularly holds socials and networking events where you can get connected with like minded individuals to help you grow your community.
At EBSA, you are here to clarify your personal and professional purpose. We specialize in helping you discover your passion and creating opportunities to steer you in the right direction. We give you a network of purpose-driven leaders to help you achieve your goals.
Our Events
Every quarter, EBSA hosts guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds, fields, and professions to help students discover their interest.
Through activities, day trips, and retreats, EBSA members are given every opportunity to network and build connections.
From bartending to baking a hundred cupcakes, EBSA does many things in order to raise funds.
Case Competition
Our goal with every case competition is to help members build skills and gain exposure to different fields of business.
January 24th 6 PM
February 4th 6 PM
February 24th 6 PM
Meet the Board

James Dolla


Emily Marks

Vice President

Katrine Razniak


Zach Chase

Director of Finance

Sara Geyer

Director of External Affairs

Alec Ainger

Co-Director of Program Development

Chris Josephs

Director of Media

Meera Karthik

Director of Design

Kayla Kim

Co-Director of Program Development

Sonia Bitar

Director of Marketing

Kevin Nguyen

Director of Fundraising

Faisal Ahmed

Director of Technology

Lauren Chan

Director of Professional Development

Join EBSA:
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Member Requirements:
As a member of EBSA, you must complete the following requirements during the quarter in order to retain membership status.
1. Pay a $25 membership fee. (Venmo or cash)
2. Attend 2 socials.
3. Attend 2 guest speaker events.
4. Earn 2 fundraising credits.
5. Miss no more than 2 general meetings.
6. Participate in the quarterly case competition.
Economics and Business Student Association

University of California, Davis
1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616